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Wedding Photography Packages: Capture the Enchantment of December with Nicolette

05/12/2023 wedding photography packages

Capture the enchantment of December with Nicolette’s wedding photography packages in Central Coast. Preserve the magic of your special day. Call 0435 797 022.

December is a month of enchantment and romance, making it a beautiful time to tie the knot. The magic of the holiday season, the cosy ambience, and the love in the air all come together to create a unique backdrop for your special day. To ensure you capture every precious moment, selecting the right wedding photography package in Centra Coast is paramount. At Artistique Wedding Photography, Nicolette, our expert wedding photographer, offers a range of packages designed to preserve the enchantment of December weddings. We’ll guide you through choosing the best wedding photography package to capture the magic of your December celebration.

Understand Your Style and Vision

Before diving into wedding photography packages, take some time to understand your style and vision for the day. Consider the ambience you want to create and the moments you want to cherish. Do you prefer classic, timeless shots, or are you more drawn to candid, documentary-style photography? Are you envisioning dreamy, romantic scenes or vibrant, festive captures? Understanding your style and vision will help you choose a package that aligns with your preferences.

Coverage and Duration

The first consideration when selecting a wedding photography package is the coverage and duration it offers. December weddings often include multiple events, from the ceremony and reception to pre-wedding festivities. Ensure your chosen package provides sufficient coverage to capture all the essential moments. Discuss with your photographer to create a timeline that fits your needs and ensures nothing is missed.

Additional Services and Options

December weddings often present unique opportunities for creative photography. Look for packages that offer additional services and options to enhance your experience. This might include engagement sessions, bridal portraits, or post-wedding day shoots. You can also explore options such as drone photography for breathtaking aerial shots or photo booths for fun and interactive guest captures.

Editing and Retouching

Editing and retouching are essential aspects of wedding photography. Discuss the level of editing and retouching included in your chosen package. December weddings may benefit from additional editing to enhance the festive and enchanting atmosphere. Make sure your photographer is skilled in colour correction, lighting adjustments, and overall image enhancement.

Photographer’s Expertise

Your choice of a wedding photographer is crucial in capturing the enchantment of December. Nicolette, at Artistique Wedding Photography, brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail to every shoot. Selecting a photographer with expertise in capturing the unique lighting and atmosphere of winter weddings is essential for preserving the magic of your day.

Choosing the right wedding photography package in Central Coast for your December celebration is a significant decision. With Nicolette from Artistique Wedding Photography, you can trust that your December enchantment will be expertly captured, allowing you to relive the magic for years to come.

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I offer 3 main Wedding Photography Packages and have just introduced 3 Elopement Packages since we are now all living and working in a Covid-19 environment and these allow for shorter duration photographic coverage, which some of my brides have asked for. I also offer Engagement, Maternity and Family packages.

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