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Autumn Wedding Photo Checklist: Capturing All the Autumn Feels

25/03/2024 autumn wedding photo

Capture the essence of autumn romance with our autumn wedding photo checklist. From foliage shots to cosy portraits, Nicolette can make it happen. Call us!

As the leaves turn golden and the air becomes crisp, autumn provides a stunning backdrop for wedding celebrations. If you’re planning an autumn wedding, you’ll want to capture all the beauty and ambience of the Autumn season. Use this checklist to get the most out of your autumn wedding photos.

Must-Have Shots for Your Autumn Wedding Photo Checklist

When compiling your autumn wedding shot list, make sure to include plenty of photos showcasing the foliage, cosy couple moments, rustic details, and candid interactions. Here are some must-have shots to include in your autumn wedding photo checklist:

•  Capturing the Foliage – Make the most of the stunning autumn landscape with outdoor photos. I, Nicolette of Artistique Wedding Photography, can capture you and your partner amid vibrant trees. Your wedding party against the colourful foliage will highlight the season’s beauty.

•  Cosy Couple Portraits – Autumn’s cooler weather is ideal for cosy couple portraits. Let me capture you and your partner walking together amidst fallen leaves. Embrace each other and show your connection in sweet moments. Bring seasonal accessories like scarves and jackets for a perfect autumn vibe.

•  Rustic Décor Details – Your autumnal decor, such as golden accents, autumn wreaths, and gourds, deserves to be featured. I can snap detailed shots of your rustic centrepieces, seasonal signage, and any other autumn-inspired decor elements. Your Pinterest-worthy design details will be gorgeous mementos.

•  Candid Moments – Make sure to get lots of candid shots as well, like joyful candid laughs, emotional speeches, and energetic dance moves. These authentic interactions, paired with the stunning Autumn backdrops, will help tell the full story of your special day.

Tips for Maximising Your Autumn Wedding Photos

Follow these tips to ensure you end up with a beautiful bounty of autumn wedding photos:

•  Timing is Key – Schedule your photo shoot during the magical golden hour just before sunset, when the light is soft and golden. The tapering sunrays will infuse your images with a radiant glow.

•  Embracing Natural Light – Take photos outdoors to capitalise on the natural light. The hazy, diffused sunshine of autumn will lend a nostalgic beauty to your images.

•  Incorporating Seasonal Elements – Display autumn gourds and festive mums to embellish your photo backdrop. Scatter colourful fallen leaves for rustic photo ops. Work with me to brainstorm ways to include autumn-inspired props and details.

Hiring Nicolette for Your Autumn Wedding

Working with me, Nicolette of Artistique Wedding Photography is the perfect choice for capturing all the special moments of your autumn wedding. With my keen eye for natural light and composition, I will create timeless images infused with the beauty and atmosphere of the season. My photojournalistic style and creative vision ensure no detail will be missed.

An autumn wedding provides a picture-perfect backdrop like no other. Follow this seasonal checklist to get stunning photos that tell the full story of your autumn wedding day. Trust my artistic eye and passion for storytelling imagery to preserve all your special memories amidst the breathtaking fall scenery. Reach out to me today to secure my services for your upcoming autumn wedding!

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