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Wedding Group Photoshoot: Keep it Fun and Relaxed with Nicolette

22/02/2024 Wedding Group Photoshoot

Elevate your wedding group photoshoot in Hunter Valley, NSW with Nicolette. Learn these expert tips for a fun and relaxed shoot. Call 0435 797 022 today!

Wedding formal family group photos capture the special people in your life for timeless memories. However, organising large groups can feel stressful! A large collection of family and friends is part of what makes weddings meaningful. Yet gathering groups inevitably hit hiccups like wrangling tardy guests, and preventing stiff, unnatural poses. This process doesn’t have to be a headache with the right approach. As a professional wedding photographer in Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Valley, NSW, here are some pro tips on how I keep wedding group photoshoots fun and relaxed:

Plan Ahead

At your initial planning meeting with Nicolette, she will give you a sample formal family photo list for you to complete and get back to her prior to your wedding day.  This ensures that nobody is missed from your family photos.  Provide guests ample advance notice of the photoshoot time and location and give clear directions on where to meet to avoid wandering guests. Build in buffer time in the schedule so guests don’t feel rushed. Additionally, consider sending a reminder closer to the date to ensure everyone is well-prepared and punctual.

Keep It Simple

Pick intuitive, flattering poses that won’t require complex rearranging and positioning. Choose seated rows rather than tricky height layering. Keep young kids close to their parents for quick interventions. Simple setups keep things moving. Remember, a relaxed atmosphere contributes to natural and genuine expressions, resulting in memorable photos.

Get Creative

Inject fun with unique themes for special groupings: a cousin’s huddle, a gathering of college friends, or multi-generational family rows. Provide fun props like oversized picture frames, parasols, or balloons. Silly shots break up standard group poses. Adding these creative elements not only brings out genuine smiles but also adds a touch of personality to your group photos, making them truly memorable.

Work the Crowd

Like an announcer revving up a crowd, keep the energy high with upbeat humour and encouragement. Get people laughing and engaged. Gently correct issues like closed eyes or hidden faces without scolding. Keep everyone focused. Creating a positive and lively atmosphere enhances the overall experience and results in more natural and joyous expressions in the final photographs.

Embrace Imperfection

Don’t stress over little details like errant hairs and clothing wrinkles. These imperfections lend natural warmth. Not every shot will capture all smiles; that’s ok. Authentic interactions make images more meaningful than rigid perfection. Embracing the genuine moments, imperfections and all, ensures that your photos reflect the true essence of the occasion, creating lasting memories.

Group photos serve as timeless mementos, capturing the essence of your special day by immortalising the cherished faces that surround you. While orchestrating large groups may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be a source of stress.

Let Nicolette of Artistique Wedding Photography put you at ease on your big day. With years of experience and commitment in capturing the essence of weddings, I ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, crafting group photos that resonate with the genuine joy of your celebration. Schedule your complimentary consultation today, and let’s start on the journey of creating timeless memories together.

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