Newcastle wedding photographer




Newcastle wedding photographer

Looking for an excellent Newcastle wedding photographer to capture all the magic behind that special moment your wedding is? Seek no further, here at Artistique Wedding Photography you will find a truly qualified and fully accredited expert who can take on this idea you have of making your wedding an unforgettable event. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated business where you will find Nicolette, an expert with a skilled hand to capture unique shots effectively and make sure couples see themselves at the happiest moment in their lives and travel back in time when looking at the photo album in the future.

Here at Artistique Wedding Photography we know the importance of having beautiful photographs that show the reality of such a special moment where glances and smiles a couple share make the whole difference. We stand out as the leading choice when you need a Newcastle wedding photographer so first take time and organise and plan what we are going to do, with Nicolette visiting the location for the photographs long before the shooting. If you are nervous, you should not worry, as Nicolette’s friendly approach will put you and your partner at ease and make you feel more confident about yourself and how you look in front of the camera.

Nicolette used to be a model before she became a Newcastle wedding photographer, and that helps her understand the way clients feel during the feeling and work towards creating a relaxed environment for the photographs to look natural and great. Communicating ideas clearly and having a good sense of humour also help her perform an outstanding work enjoying a friendly relationship with the client. For more detailed information about our packages and other services our Newcastle wedding photographer Nicolette can offer you, speak to us directly through the obligation free chat.



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