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Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

21/10/2022 wedding photography

After the “I dos,” your wedding photographs will be one of the only memories you have from your special day. To sum up, choosing a professional wedding photographer who complements your taste and can accurately capture those memorable moments is a vital step in the wedding preparation process.

So, after you’ve narrowed down your list of wedding photographers in your area based on style, you’ll need to contact each one on the list. This initial set of questions can be answered by looking through their FAQ page, emailing them, or calling them. Here are a few suggestions for questions to ask your wedding photographer before you hire them:

How Long Have You Been a Wedding Photographer?

Experience isn’t everything when it comes to capturing memorable photographs, but it is crucial when it comes to anticipating wedding day events and moments. A professional wedding photographer can help you plan your wedding day timetable so that you capture the greatest wedding photos possible. Experienced wedding photographers have seen the difficulties that can emerge on a wedding day timeline and are better equipped to deal with them.

What Equipment Do You Use, and Do You Have a Backup Plan?

Essentially, you want to know if your photographer has a backup plan in case of equipment failure. You should also be aware that they use professional-grade camera bodies and lenses.   Avoid wedding photographers who do not have backup equipment.

Life is unpredictable. Anything unexpected can happen during your wedding, and it’s comforting to know they have a backup plan. From the day of the wedding to post-production, the photographer should take specific precautions. This could involve having extra memory cards or saving photos in multiple locations on the wedding day. It is also preferable if the backup equipment is instantly available at critical times of the day.

Can I Ask for Some References?

Let’s be honest! When you apply for a job, you almost always have to submit references to the person who will employ you. From the bride’s perspective, you are the employer. The photographer is a possible employee who is interested in photographing your wedding. Why should references be required for hiring a wedding photographer if they are required to get a job in the real world?

You can excuse not asking for references from your photographer because they have a lot of positive online reviews. But can you truly compare online reviews to speaking with a live person and hearing it right from the horse’s mouth?

If you request references, you will have peace of mind knowing that a real person works with your photographer and has a fantastic experience. You have nothing to lose by requesting a reference, so why not do it?

What Are the Packages You Offer?

It is essential to discuss packages and pricing. Most wedding photographers will provide different packages that include a set number of hours, with some packages including a pre wedding photo session, possibly a second photographer, prints, and albums. Clarify what is included in the specified price and what add-ons, such as travel costs for destination weddings, overtime hours, or photographing other pre-wedding events like the rehearsal dinner, may incur additional fees. Check who will be shooting your wedding as part of the package if the photographer works with a team, such as an assistant or second shooter.

You need to ask these important questions before you hire your wedding photographer. Luckily, here at Artistique Wedding Photography, I am very transparent with what I offer and what you can expect from my services. I will be glad to answer all your questions to ensure you have peace of mind working with me. Contact me at 0435 797 022 for more information or bookings.

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