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7 Creative Wedding Photo Ideas from Artistique Wedding Photography

26/09/2022 photo ideas

Wedding photography has become much more than just a way to keep your special memories. It’s all about capturing your most treasured moments extraordinarily. Creative wedding photography and not forgetting those many candid shots as well, can provide you with a taste of the magnificent atmosphere of your wedding.

To assist you in getting the style you want and add some flair to your wedding album and make it more memorable, Nicolette from Artistique Wedding Photography has thought out a few wedding photo ideas. Here are some of the most creative wedding photography ideas you can consider to boost the look of your wedding album while telling a fun story about each photograph.

Close-up Portraits

A close-up shot of the blushing bride is necessary for a distinctive wedding photography album. It’s a priceless expression that combines excitement and nervousness. You can get a wide range of beautiful pictures on your wedding day or any other occasion, capturing the many emotions you feel on your special day.

The Dramatic Entrance

All admire a stunning entrance! Make the groom’s entrance at the wedding exciting. The most incredible photo is of the bride making a dramatic entrance. I can suggest many ideas to make a grand entry for the bride. You have two options for entering the location: sit on a throne like a princess or enter wearing a floral headpiece. Make it memorable by singing and dancing your heart out while carrying your dogs. You’ll have a special photo to remember your wedding venue no matter how you decide to arrive there..

A Shot of Shared Laughter

I am always looking for the bride and groom’s genuine laughter!  We can always see a happy couple laughing throughout every wedding ceremony. It is one of the most fascinating subjects in creative wedding photography.

The First Look

When the groom sees his future wife approaching him while wearing her wedding gown, it is one of the most touching moments of a wedding. They have two options: wait for one another or stand in the centre of the space, eyes closed, and walk towards one another. I always love to capture the groom’s emotion as he first sees his beautiful bride coming down the aisle.

Classic Portraits

The photos that best capture the couple are classic portraits. I can ensure that I will be able to capture beautiful shots according to what the couple prefers. Each couple should consider using portraits to frame their special day.

The Candid Shots

The best shots are candid ones. While I am shooting photos of you and your lover, don’t be shy. Photos are taken candidly to capture the actual essence of a situation so you can look back on them with nostalgia in the future. To make you grin whenever you see it, display a candid photo from your wedding day on the wall.

The Final Wedding Shot

A final kiss between you and your new spouse should be captured by your me before the day comes to a close. You may like to consider lighting effects like sparklers, fireworks, fairy lights, etc., for that rich, romantic atmosphere. A kiss is an ideal way to cap off your wonderful day and embark on your new journey as a married couple.

Artistique Wedding Photography’s artistic, expressive, and candid photos can help you remember these moments for the rest of your life. I capture the spontaneity, joy and excitement of a bride and groom on their wedding day, and nothing is more beautiful than genuine smiles and enchanting glances between them. Call or message me at 0435 797 022 for more information.

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