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Wedding Photography: 4 Tips on How to Capture the Perfect Candid Wedding Photos

27/04/2023 wedding20pic

Your friends have probably told you numerous times how excellent candid wedding photography is. Yes, candid wedding photography may result in some of the most genuinely heartfelt, carefree, and spontaneous photos. However, you might be wondering whether there is anything you can do to appear more natural in wedding photos rather than instructing your wedding photographer to take candid shots.

As a full-time wedding photographer, here are some tips that you can do to help me capture the perfect candid wedding photos for you and your loved ones:

Look Away from the Camera

Looking away from the camera is my first piece of advice for you today to perfect your candid wedding photography. “Hey, Honey, smile for the camera.”  Are you suddenly transported to the 1900s by this line? Brides in the 2020s should not pose or stare directly into the camera. This practice has been ditched not just because most people find it uncomfortable to stare into cameras but also because wedding photographers believe that forcing people to gaze through cameras can make wedding photography look cheap and cheesy.

Engage With You Loved One Naturally

In this outstanding candid wedding photography, you can clearly see the bride and groom’s genuine love for one another. As a professional wedding photographer who has documented hundreds of weddings, I have always held the view that wedding photography should enable couples to express their story more naturally and spontaneously. As an advocate of candid wedding photography, I would much rather have my couples interact naturally with one another than force them to strike an uncomfortable pose. Any loving relationship knows how to communicate with one another. Just as you would on a typical day, offer your loved one a hug, a kiss, or even some whispers. It’s much easier and more effective than forced posing to capture candid wedding photography.

Take a Walk

The person who will be by your side most of the day on your wedding day is your wedding photographer. I will often ask my couples to just take a little walk together and I photograph the spontaneity and love between them. The bridal party and you can take a casual stroll together to assist you naturally disregard the camera and give the impression that you are just hanging out on a sunny weekend.

Always Communicate with Your Wedding Photographer

The final tip for today is to always communicate with your wedding photographer if you want to nail your candid wedding photographs. It is never rude to request that I direct you less in poses on the day of your wedding and instead concentrate more on people’s interactions and emotions if you want your wedding photography to look genuine and candid.

We must communicate well and agree on your expectations for the wedding photos. At Artistique Wedding Photography, Nicolette, yours truly, will schedule a pre-wedding consultation appointment with you before your wedding. I will go over the wedding schedule and timeframe, and we will also talk about your preferred wedding photography approaches and styles.

After reading this blog, maybe you’ll feel more at ease during the actual wedding photo shoot. View our wedding packages or contact me at 0435 797 022 if you have any additional enquiries. I’ll be happy to help.

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