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Ways How to Help Your Wedding Photographer Capture Great Photos

09/01/2023 great moments

Wedding photography involves not just the photographer and the couple but also all the other suppliers, vendors, and guests. It would help if you worked with your wedding photographer to ensure you get the best photos on your most memorable day. Here are some excellent ways to help your wedding photographer and ensure every moment is captured.

Prep in a Room That Is Spacious, Tidy, and Has a View

Of course, this isn’t always practical, but bigger rooms with lots of natural light and attractive backgrounds like gardens or window views work best for getting ready shots. Consider keeping an area cleaned up and freed of luggage and other belongings before the photographer or videographer arrives for the getting-ready shots. In this manner, there will be fewer distracting objects in photographs and more usable photographic angles.

Your Position During the Ceremony Matters

The bride customarily stands on the left during the wedding ceremony (unless it is a Jewish wedding). However, this is entirely up to you, and frequently one side will get considerably better lighting than the other. As you face each other, you might also want to ensure you are in the middle of the aisle. If not, your photographer won’t be able to take undistorted wide views down the aisle. Although it might appear minor, this has a significant impact.

Take Your Photographer to Any Rehearsals

Photographers can check out the ceremony’s ambient lighting during rehearsals and get to know the celebrants, other family members, and friends before the big day. Although they might not be accessible or unwilling to provide it as part of their service, I try to make it to rehearsals whenever possible.

Inform Your Photographer of Everything in Advance

The more information your photographer has regarding preparations before the wedding, the better. However, having a brief heads-up when anything is about to happen, like the first dance or the beginning of speeches, is quite beneficial on the wedding day itself. Even though the photographer is likely to have a schedule or run sheet with them, events rarely begin exactly on time.  Nicolette always prepares a photography runsheet and obtains the reception runsheet from the bride as well.  Nicolette phones the bride a couple of days before the wedding to double check all details as they can often change from the time of the meeting often many months prior to the wedding day, and final guest numbers confirmed as well.

Please inform your photographer of any delays. It’s crucial for specific parts of the day, like the bride’s walk down the aisle, the grand entrance, the speeches, and the first dances. Each of these events has a unique quality that, in most circumstances, necessitates your photographer changing the settings on their camera. Before significant events like the first dances, they might also wish to replace a low battery, so giving them five minutes’ notice is crucial to ensuring everything is captured.

Trust in Your Photographer to Choose Certain Photo Opportunities

Ideally, your photographer can advise or recommend nearby spots for couples’ portraits based on the time of day, their familiarity with the location, and other factors. Allow your photographer to do the legwork; you are paying them for their expertise in finding outstanding locations and scenes within those areas.

While you are welcome to provide suggestions for locations if feasible, let your photographer use the time allotted to identify the finest couples’ portrait opportunities within those settings. If you have specific scenes in mind, let the photographer know at your pre-wedding meeting so they can scout the locations.

The most crucial advice, perhaps. Enjoy your wedding day without stress! That will undoubtedly come through in photos more than anything else. Call or message Nicolette at 0435 797 022 for all your wedding photography needs. Our photography packages at Artistique Wedding Photography are surely the ones you need for your special day!

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