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Tips on How to Capture the Perfect Wedding First Kiss Photo

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A wedding photographer’s list of photography shot opportunities should undoubtedly include capturing the first kiss. The newlyweds consummate their marriage at this precise time with a picture-perfect wedding kiss, and as a wedding photographer, it is my responsibility to capture this memory flawlessly. I am always ready to capture the ideal first kiss photo during the wedding ceremony. Therefore, I pay attention to the wedding ceremony schedule and know when the newlyweds will kiss will be in the right spot at the right time. Here are five wedding kiss photography tips:

I Pay Attention and am Prepared

Following this advice is the key to capturing the perfect first kiss at a wedding. To be prepared, you must be aware of the exact moment your couple will kiss. To accomplish this, I pay attention to the wedding ceremony schedule and ensure I know the precise moment of the first kiss. I am cautious not to obstruct anyone’s view or approach the newlyweds too closely.

I Take Multiple Shots

It’s always preferable to take multiple shots of a single event so you can pick the best one during post-processing. Therefore, I take many pictures from various perspectives of the newlyweds as they kiss.

I Stay Close but Not Too Close

To acquire a nice shot, I come close enough but not too close to obstruct the action. The quality of the first kiss wedding photos will also depend on the type of lens you use. To approach the newlyweds without getting too close, I usea telephoto lens. Ican capture every detail of their important moment in this manner.

I Use a Flash

Using a flash is essential if you’re photographing in a dim wedding location if you want to capture the perfect first kiss moment. This enablesme to capture every aspect of the newlyweds first kiss as a married couple and helps freeze the moment. If the couple are having a church wedding ceremony, I will always ask permission first and be aware of the regulations regarding flash photography.

Capture the magic of your first kiss as newlyweds with Nicolette of Artistique Wedding Photography. I can help freeze that special moment and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your consultation now, and let me help you make your wedding day unforgettable.

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