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The Must-Capture Ceremony Angles for Your Wedding Photos

12/12/2022 wedding photo

Wedding photography involves more than merely looking at a scene and clicking your shutter button to capture it. It’s an art that requires talent, technique, and a lot of forethought and planning. As a wedding photographer, you need to have your shot list and the angles at which you will be taking your photographs because there are numerous essential moments to capture for the couple on their wedding day and no two couples are the same.

There may be issues depending on where the ceremony will take place. Whether you are taking photos inside or outside, problems with the weather, lighting and other factors could arise at any time. You might need to shift about when that occurs to get the finest shots from the best perspectives. Additionally, taking pictures from various angles will give your clients a more interesting photography experience. I’ve compiled a list of essential viewpoints to capture throughout the wedding ceremony to make it easier for you to search for the ideal perspectives during each session.

Capture a Shot from the Front

Most likely, the bride and groom spent much time thinking about how they wanted their ceremony to feel and look. Take a frontal shot of the ceremony location before it begins. It will make it easier for you to include the complete ceremony site and highlight all the little things your bride and groom included in the scene. When the ceremony starts, position yourself, so the bride and groom are visible, standing side by side with their bridal party. It would help if you did this by facing the front of the ceremony venue so you could take pictures of your couple.

Switch Angles and Move Behind the Ceremony

Many ceremony sites have poor lighting, making it difficult to get the pictures you want. It’s especially true for outdoor weddings because the light casts unattractive shadows on your couple’s faces (or the harsh light causes them to squint). Change your vantage point and move behind the ceremony if the lighting is poor. Consider standing behind the altar, where the sun might be less distracting if the setting and circumstances permit. This perspective can highlight the couple and even the person marrying them (the officiant).

Take a Shot from the Side

There are specific angles during the ceremony where you must stand to the side to shoot. It displays many elements of the ceremony site as well as the attendees. Additionally, it might be useful if there is poor lighting while your couple and the wedding party make their way down the aisle. Standing on one side of the ceremony location and taking pictures of the groom with his groomsmen in the back is another option for shooting from a side position. After that, change sides to get the bride and her bridesmaids too.

Capture the Couple’s Perspective

The bride and groom are focused on one another as they stand at the altar. Since they also look at each other, you should change your perspective to capture their expressions. To get good shots of the bride’s reactions and expressions during the ceremony, start with the groom and shoot over his shoulder. Afterwards, look over the bride’s shoulder to see how the groom responds. By doing this, you’ll be able to portray how the bride and groom felt at the time and provide diversity and interest to the perspectives and photos you take.

Switching perspectives and using diverse angles in ceremony photos is crucial. At Artistique Wedding Photography, I, Nicolette, am a passionate wedding photographer that will ensure to capture the best moments for you and your partner to cherish for the rest of your lives together.

You can trust me if you are looking for a professional wedding photographer for your special occasion! I am a full-time Accredited Professional Wedding and Portrait photographer based at Toowoon Bay, NSW, Central Coast. Check out the packages I offer and call or message me at 0435 797 022 for any of your enquiries.

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