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Summer Wedding Photography Tips for a Successful Shoot

19/01/2023 summer wedding

Many couples decide to get married in the summer in consideration of the warm weather and extended hours of sunshine. Summer weddings are also a treat for many wedding photographers! The laid-back ambience, the pastel colour schemes, and the bright sunshine also provide the ideal backdrop for airy and light wedding photos. While there are numerous benefits to photography weddings in the summer, extreme heat and excessive light may also make it challenging. I, Nicolette, your trusted wedding photographer will offer some tips on how I Artistique Wedding Photography prepare for summer wedding photography in this post to assist you in getting ready for the big day.

Create a Timeline in Advance

Even though weddings might not always go according to plan, setting a timeline in advance would be beneficial and I work through the photography timeline at an initial meeting. I finalise this timeline before the wedding day with the couple. When I create my timeline, I attempt to separate all the photos on my list according to the time of day. As the day goes on, it will grow hotter, and the lighting will become harsher.

Bring Out the Summer Vibe

Even though photographing summer weddings might be difficult in certain ways, they also present fantastic possibilities to capture breathtaking shots of the ceremony site and the surrounding locations (especially if the wedding is outdoors). Along with stunning settings, many summer weddings typically have the most elegant and vibrant decor, which allows for stunning detail shots. Therefore, I attempt to save a few spots on my shot list for those.

Either Find Shade or Make It

When taking group photos or a couple of portraits around midday, it could be a good idea to move to areas with some shade. This will not only allow us to escape the midday heat but also allow you to pose more naturally because you won’t be posing directly in the sun. Additionally, it will serve as a natural diffuser, removing any harsh shadows to soften the appearance of your wedding photos. I could use an umbrella to make our own shade if it’s appropriate for our environment. When taking pictures on a bright, sunny day, you risk overexposing some of your pictures. So, I pay attention to my camera’s settings to prevent taking too bright photos.

Use the Golden Hour

Although it can be challenging for the couples to pose and for me to take good pictures in the bright sunshine, I could use the golden hour to make up for that lost time! So, when the right moment comes, I could snatch the couple from the celebration and make the most of the stunning lighting that the sunset provides. I also take advantage of using some unusual angles, positions, and even silhouettes because, throughout the summer, the light lasts a little bit longer until it turns entirely black and after dark, I like to take the couple outside again for a few minutes for some beautiful backlit photos. Just remember this advice for photographing a summer wedding and jot down the time of sunset on your wedding day so I can properly plan.

My passion for my work and experience with Artistique Wedding Photography will ensure an incredible journey for your Summer Wedding Day. I would love to hear from you and help you capture the moment of the most memorable event of your life. Contact me now at 0435 797 022 for an obligation-free chat.

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