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Professional Tips to Achieve a Picture-Perfect Wedding

30/11/2022 Love seashores

Couples choose to hire professional wedding photographers to take the most stunning pictures possible to look back on their special day. Why take lousy photos of a wedding when you could get magazine-quality ones when so much work goes into planning an occasion like that? The money spent on a skilled photographer will pay off in the form of breathtaking images.

To help you achieve picture-perfect wedding shots Nicolette from Artistique Wedding Photography will share some of her professional tips to complete your special day.

The Wedding Venue

Pick a location with a beautiful interior. Will the décor, rooms, and surroundings appear nice in your photographs and accurately portray your kind of couple? Does the location you’ve chosen have enough natural or artificial light? The most crucial element for effective wedding photography is light. If you have your heart set on a location with poor lighting, rest assured that we are more than capable of photographing there. So, there’s nothing for you to worry about.

The Wedding Timeline

It’s wise to plan how your day will go to ensure everything goes as planned. The timeline is particularly helpful for guiding you during your big day. It helps the photographer prepare for each important moment so that no pictures are missed. A good photographer will provide planning tips and guide you on how to take the best photos possible. At your wedding planning meeting, Nicolette will put together a photography timeline for you.  Always advise your photographer of anything you want to capture on camera. Give them some advance notice!

Your Hair and Makeup

Having someone come to you for hair and makeup is highly recommended. Ask your makeup artist to set up near a window so they can use natural light if you want some pictures of them while working on your makeup. Some makeup artists use lights that seem like natural light. By doing this, you can guarantee that your makeup will appear the same outside. Request your lipstick from your makeup artist so you may touch it up during the day.

The Transportation

Plan a comfortable means of transportation for the day. If you want your transportation to appear in your photos, it’s certainly worth spending a little money on it. Find something that appeals to your taste. If you’re in the city at any point during the day, it helps to have someone drive the couple to relieve them of the worry of parking.

The Wedding Ceremony

There is far less stress for you and your guests if the ceremony and reception are held at the same location. For some people, it’s simply impossible to hold the ceremony elsewhere. When Nicolette organises your timeline, she provides some time after your ceremony for people to congratulate you. Remember that taking family and friend photos is preferable just after the ceremony. After that, you are free to leave for your photo shoot. Nicolette will organise along with her assistant, the formal family group shots from the list you provide her within the week or two before your wedding.  It avoids wasting time and guarantees that everyone who has to be in the photos is present.

These are just a few professional tips you should consider to achieve picture-perfect wedding photographs.

Nicolette from Artistique Wedding Photography will ensure to achieve the wedding shots you desire. My passion for work and experience will ensure an incredible journey on your wedding day. Contact me for more enquiries.

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