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Picture-Perfect Wedding Backdrop Ideas

08/03/2023 backdrop

You may hire a wedding stylist to relieve some of the weight off you or browse tons of magazines or websites for ideas to accomplish some fantastic styling for your wedding. A stylist can arrange unique backdrops and accessories to make your day picture-perfect. They’ll create something specifically for you by considering your personality, colour preferences, and design requirements. It is definitely worth exploring.

While most wedding venues will have your table settings planned out, there are still ways to improve your wedding photos. Make your wedding stand out from the rest by using some unique touches. You can spend as much or as little on styling as you like. Go all out, or just add one thing. Below are some picture-perfect wedding backdrop ideas that you can try:

Food Trucks

We’ve gone to weddings where the catering was handled by food trucks. This provides a wedding with a festive, lively atmosphere. An ice cream van is wonderful if you only want a hint of this. Both you and your guests will enjoy the delicious ice cream, plus you’ll get some lovely photos of the two of you eating ice cream.

Fancy Cars

If you have a bridal team to transport, a large limousine is always a fun choice. Inside a limo, you can take some fun photos. A hummer is also a fantastic option, or you may go with the conventional one. Others could have some wonderful vintage cars you could drive around in. Which cars would be appropriate relies entirely on the overall design or theme of your wedding.

Furniture in the Wild

What a creative idea for a photo accessory. If the weather is favourable, place a couch or other relaxing furniture in the centre of a large open area. Keeping things low-key can be equally cool, and putting up a great picnic area with cushions and lovely rugs. Champagne is a must-have for a touch of festivities!

Homemade Arbour

Being framed by an arbour made by the bride’s father during your ceremony is lovely. You can make it as simple or as sophisticated as you like. After the ceremony, an arbour makes a lovely backdrop for pictures. You can decorate it with flowers or a flowy cloth.

Creative Lightings

Your event space will feel wonderful if you decorate it with lanterns or fairy lights, especially outdoors! Make sure they are stored carefully and can’t burn people or anything! Candles in candleholders or jars also add to the gorgeous ambience. Again, everything depends on the weather.  There are so many possibilities, including beach weddings, country weddings, vineyard weddings, and chic city weddings. Everyone can find something.

Consider unique ideas, and do not hesitate to go all out.  There is no right or wrong way to style your wedding because it is a very personal event. Nicolette at Artistique Wedding Photography is happy to capture your ideas on your wedding day. Call or message Nicolette at 0435 797 022 for all your wedding photography needs, or you may also check out the photography packages to find the one that’s best for you.

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