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How to Capture the Best Autumn Wedding Photos

27/03/2023 autumn wedding

Autumn is a season to welcome change, and use a more distinctive colour scheme. A wedding between the end of March and the beginning of June will undoubtedly result in some of the most beautiful wedding photographs. In order to capture fantastic photographs on the big day, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.

Nicolette of Artistique Wedding Photography will provide some tips on taking the best autumn wedding photos so you can be sure you have the best course of action.

Use the Autumn Colours to Your Advantage

One of the nicest aspects of autumn is its beautiful foliage. Therefore, it would be stupid not to use these colours in your wedding photos. Look for locations with a beautiful landscape that will showcase the changing leaves before your wedding. Public parks and the Vineyards of the Hunter Valley are excellent locations for photography because there are typically many places to pose. Look around your venue as well to identify the greatest locations there.

Use Leaves as Props

To get those beautiful detail photos of items like your invitation, rings, and other tiny components of your carefully planned wedding, use leaves to give them a more “autumnal feel.” We can grab fallen leaves to serve as accents to these pieces to really make use of this lovely time of year.

Incorporate Autumn Colours into Your Bridal Look

Plan a whole autumn colour scheme to get the most out of your photos by bringing out the colours of the foliage. You may like to enhance the colour scheme by choosing flowers with an autumn theme and deep, rich colours for your bouquet.

 Keep Warm During Your Photo Sessions

The last thing you want is to view your wedding photos and notice that you appear to be freezing rather than striking a natural position. Plan ahead to account for the possibility of being cold. With cooler mornings, sweltering afternoons, and cool nights, autumn weather may be both ideal and peculiar. Put a jacket on between photos if you don’t have a long-sleeved dress or a nice shawl in autumn colours, just to keep yourself from becoming too cold. It will be obvious that you are faking it if your hands are in a fist or your shoulders are up near your ears when taking a photo.

Make a Photography Schedule

No matter the season, having a schedule is essential to capturing beautiful wedding photos, but in autumn when there is less sunlight than during the spring and summer, this is especially important. To ensure that you acquire images in the light of day that make the most of the surroundings, research the time of sunset before arranging your schedule and plan accordingly.

Plan for the Golden Hour

Autumn wedding photography is renowned for being most beautiful during the “Golden Hour.” It occurs just before dusk and captures the sun at its most beautiful! The colours of the leaves will be accentuated naturally at this time due to the sun’s position and the warm glow that it casts through the lovely trees. Plan to have photos at this time of day.

Autumn wedding photos are among some of the most beautiful, and by following these tips, you’re bound to get photos that you’ll instantly love forever. As a dedicated wedding photographer, I will ensure to help you achieve the best photos you dream of for your autumnal wedding celebration. I will also help you look your best in your wedding day photos to guarantee beautiful shots to remember. Call or message me at 0435 797 022 for more enquiries.

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