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Wedding Photography: Know the Best and Worst Times of the Day to Take Wedding Photos

07/05/2023 time of day

Perfect wedding photos require far more preparation than simply choosing a photographer and expecting quality wedding photography. The outcome of your photos can be significantly influenced by the time of day you take them. When deciding on the time of your photo session, you must consider several variables, including the season, the weather, and the location. The best and worst times of day to snap wedding photos are discussed below.

The Golden Hour

It is commonly known that the golden hour is the best time of day to capture wedding photos. The golden hour is the final hour before sunset and the first-hour following sunrise. These are the hours of the day when the sun is lowest in the sky and the light is diffused. It is a little bit colder than the middle of the day, making it more pleasant for you and your wedding party. Photographers now have more directional lighting that is less harsh, giving us more freedom to experiment with angles. The most common usage of this lighting is for taking pictures soon before sunset.

The Seasonal Sunsets

The time of sunset will vary depending on what time of year your wedding is. Sunset will occur later and remain longer throughout the summer. The golden hour will arrive much earlier and the light will disappear much more quickly than you anticipate in the winter. This is crucial to consider since couples who want to take advantage of the golden hour will need to start their wedding ceremonies earlier in the winter.

The Weather of the Day

Light is influenced by the time of year as well as the weather of that particular day. Light fades more quickly on a cloudy day than on days with a clear sky. Moreover, golden hour lighting is more difficult to achieve on cloudy days. But, because there is no strong light or shadows to work with, cloudy days can still provide beautiful photographs. Consider taking your wedding photos earlier than scheduled to maximise lighting for the greatest wedding photos when it is cloudy. The secret to getting the ideal wedding photos is flexibility.

Maximise Natural Shade

It is occasionally unavoidable to take your wedding photos during the day. People may squint in photographs taken in the harsh midday sun, which also wipes away backdrop elements and wardrobe details. Look for areas that offer shade if you want to prevent this. Visit the venue of your wedding photos the day before your wedding at the time of day you intend to shoot them and search for spots with natural shade.

Knowing the best and worst time of the day to take your wedding photos is essential. At Artistique Wedding Photography, I, Nicolette, am a passionate and have many years of experience as a wedding and portrait photographer that will ensure to capture the best photos for you and your partner during the golden hour.

I am a full-time Accredited Professional Wedding and Portrait photographer based at Toowoon Bay, NSW, Central Coast. Check out the packages I offer or visit my website for more enquiries.

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