Wedding photography Terrigal




Wedding photography Terrigal

When looking for the best wedding photography in Terrigal, Artistique Wedding Photography is a mandatory mention for the following reasons:

  • We are well aware of the importance wedding photographs have; they are usually the only memory you have if you want to travel back in time for a while through a good photo album of your special day. We make sure our wedding photography in Terrigal is premium work completed to the highest standards known.
  • Nicolette is a passionate photographer fully accredited for offering wedding photography in Terrigal as well as engagements, family photography sessions and more. She has many years of experience working as a photographer and a former model as well so she knows both sides of the camera lens and how to make the client feel at ease and get the most natural and particular looks from the couple.
  • Our wedding photography in Terrigal is a combination of the signature style Nicolette has mastered over time which is photojournalism with a creative and innovative touch that will make photographs look fun and fresh.

Nicolette has been listed as a top 10 wedding photographer for 2017 to 2019, a title she holds due to her dedication and commitment to offer couples the best photographic experience they can find when seeking wedding photography in Terrigal.

As a part of the big range of services we offer through our wedding photography in Terrigal, it is important to highlight that we offer 3 special packages that include pre wedding sessions for clients to get acquainted with Nicolette’s unique style and feel like it is just another friend attending to their wedding when the big day comes. Trust an expert who has done this a hundred times before and make sure your wedding photography in Terrigal is completed up to the highest. Give us a call for more information!



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